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Life Insurance for Alcoholics

Getting life insurance for alcoholics is often difficult. Alcohol damages almost all the organs in your body, and there are a number of medical illnesses and symptoms that may suggest alcohol abuse. Overuse of alcohol can lead to cardiovascular disease and cancers.  It is also responsible for many different types of accidents, all of which can result in early death. For these reasons, over-consumption of alcohol can affect the monthly premium you will pay.

The Medical Evaluation

Most life insurance carriers require applicants to have a medical evaluation, which includes a blood exam.  Even if alcohol consumption is not reported on your application, one part of the blood test will look at the liver function, and the results will show the facts. If your physician or medical records demonstrate that you have an alcohol condition, or if your blood and urine tests show irregularities or an elevated liver function, the insurance company will more than likely assume heavy drinking.

However, an elevated liver enzyme level can also mean there’s something wrong that may not be linked to alcohol. If you think this is the case and your test result is high for a different reason, you should request an “alcohol marker” test. Nonetheless, very poor liver function (regardless of the cause) might still cause you to pay a higher monthly premium.

The Underwriting Process

Be sure to disclose all alcohol-related information on your application form. Also make sure that you provide a complete description and cover letter about your past issues with alcohol, which includes anything you have done to treat the situation and whether treatment has been successful.

The more information and facts you provide to your insurance broker, the more he or she will be able to assist you. If you are seeking life insurance for alcoholics or someone else with a history of heavy alcohol consumption, it is very important to use a broker with the knowledge and experience to be able to assist you.

What the Underwriter Will Ask

  • Does your medical record show any alcohol problems?
  • Have you had a DUI/DWI?
  • Do you have any other health issue?
  • Have you ever attended or do you currently participate in AA?
  • What are your current liver enzyme levels?
  • Have you looked into rehab or therapy? If so, when did it happen and was it successful? 
  • How much do you drink daily?
  • Are you a tobacco or drug user?
  • Have you had any medical complications due to alcohol abuse?

Recovered Alcoholics

If you are a recovering alcoholic, even if you have completed an alcohol treatment successfully, it will probably take longer for the insurance company to decide whether they will insure you, and the premium rate you will pay. Some insurance companies will decline your application until you can show at least two years of sobriety. After ten years of sobriety, you might be able to be placed into a preferred rate class, which means a lower monthly premium for you.

Life insurance for alcoholics is reviewed case-by-case. The main thing to keep in mind is that all insurance carriers will look at your application differently. If you worry you may have a challenge with any alcohol-related issue, you should still apply. The rates that you are quoted may vary from company to company because they all have a different underwriting procedure.