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Life Insurance Is Baffling We Make It Effortless

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 Not all policies are created equal, and not all consumers have similar needs.

Term Life 

Often called “pure insurance” because it’s intended only to protect your dependents in case you die prematurely.

  • The greatest death benefit for the lowest premium

  • The premiums remain the same throughout the contract’s duration

  • The most common terms are 10, 15, 20, and 30 years

  • Term insurance is significantly less expensive when compared to whole life

No Exam 

It’s a type of coverage that doesn’t require a clinical examination as a part of the underwriting process.

  • You need life insurance immediately and don’t want to delay

  • You simply want to avoid going through a physical exam

  • You can have coverage in force within days instead of weeks

  • The coverage can be anywhere from $50,000 up to as much as $500,000

High Risk 

What defines a high risk category? Four categories are regarded as high-risk. They include:

  • Illness: serious or terminal disease such as diabetes, cancer or a stroke

  • Activities: such as scuba diving, skydiving or racing cars

  • Professions: such as firefighters, miners, pilots, and underwater welders

  • Habits: cigarette smoking, cigars, or being overweight

Instant Quote

Sample Rates

By reviewing the sample life insurance rates by age, term and coverage, you can estimate quotes before applying.

We believe it’s a fair business practice to show all estimated rates without asking for your personal information. 

Sample Rates

Our Google-Verified Customer Reviews

I encountered Ron as an independent contractor in need of health insurance. Ron was knowledgeable, courteous and thorough. Even when I relocated to another state and had to change plans! He provided excellent advice, and an array of options I could choose from that fit my budget and needs. Ron had excellent follow through and customer service throughout. He was accessible by almost every method (call, fax, email) which gave me the flexibility I needed as a business owner. I think Ron’s service was amazing and I’d recommend his business with every confidence. Hands down!
Sharon A.
Sharon A.
20:50 29 Nov 16
It came time for me to find my own health insurance and I came across Effortless Insurance. Ron has been the best insurance broker to work with. He has helped me multiple times finding new insurance plans. He explained all the details to me and helped me find a plan that suited my needs. Whenever I had questions, he was able to get back to me right away, via phone or e-mail. Ron knows his stuff! I would highly recommend him.
00:01 05 Oct 16
Ron has been great with health insurance. My daughter is an independent contractor, so she has to provide her own insurance. Even before the Affordable care Insurance Marketplace Ron suggested policies for her that fit her budget and gave good coverage with reasonable deductibles. Since the Marketplace, Ron has continued to guide her to the best programs for her needs. I am now retired and in Medicare. Ron also guided me in finding the best Supplemental Insurance. The plan has been great so for.Ron has really done a great job looking out for our medical insurance needs.
Barbara Wichmann
Barbara Wichmann
14:44 16 Sep 16
Ron is a great guy. I have been in contact with him from past couple of years. I would say he is the best guy in this business. I always get prompt response from him. He suggests best insurance for me and my family.Ron if you read this..you rock man
kalyan pendyala
kalyan pendyala
20:53 05 Oct 16
Ron was extremely helpful and saved my health. My first time in the marketplace I was given a policy with a $250 a month payment and a $7,000 deductible. That meant I had no money for office visits. When Ron became my agent, he encouraged me to go with another plan that wasonly $174 a month and had a $1,000 deductible. I was then able to gofor office visits and diagnostics! I will happily work with Ron in the future!
Laura Woods
Laura Woods
18:24 01 Sep 16
Ron is a great person to work with when navigating insurance purchases. We had to obtain health insurance for our daughter once she was out of college and then during her summer internships. Ron is very knowledgable on the many different insurance venues and prices. Also very quick to return phone calls and emails. I would give him 10 stars if they were available!
Lynn Welch
Lynn Welch
00:46 17 Aug 16
For several years now, I am very happy with his service. The Healthcare system is a mess and it is very difficult to find someone who can help you as a human being. This is the case with Ron and I really appreciate to be able to send him an email and to have a clear and useful advice! I strongly recommend Ron to anyone!
Jean-Louis DE BIASI
Jean-Louis DE BIASI
14:53 01 Sep 16
Ron helped me from A to Z with setting up an online user account and all the way to settings up a doctor's appointment when needed. He was always available to me if via Email or telephone with every little question that i had for him, very professional to work with and a very trustworthy health insurance agent!! I highly recommend getting your health or life insurance through him!!
moran talmor
moran talmor
02:12 20 Aug 16
Ron has helped me for several years and really knows how to get the best coverage for my needs. he is very knowledgeable and efficient. I appreciate all his help, he does a great job.THANKS AGAIN, RON!!!!
Kathlyn Creamer
Kathlyn Creamer
13:42 05 Sep 16
We have been with Ron Attias at Effortless Insurance for a number of years now and as our situation changes, each and every time Ron has gone above and beyond in walking us through the many different plans offered. We could not be more pleased with Ron and this company. His patience, knowledge and vast experience has truly been helpful. Thank you Ron.... Lynn and Ian.
Lynn and Ian Bashaw
Lynn and Ian Bashaw
19:48 30 Aug 16
Contact Ron if you need help with health insurance!!!!! We are working with Ron for about 10 years, I recommended him to many of my family members and friends during those years and everybody thanked me !! He has no "work hours" if you need him, he will always help even if it's not really "his issue" Ron will always find the best deal for you! If you travel and you need health insurance as well! Just call Ron and you will understand what is the BEST costumer service !!!! Thank you Ron.
etty tal
etty tal
05:29 19 Aug 16

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