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Life Insurance Is Baffling We Make It Effortless

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 Not all policies are created equal, and not all consumers have similar needs.

Term Life 

Often called “pure insurance” because it’s intended only to protect your dependents in case you die prematurely.

  • The greatest death benefit for the lowest premium

  • The premiums remain the same throughout the contract’s duration

  • The most common terms are 10, 15, 20, and 30 years

  • Term insurance is significantly less expensive when compared to whole life

No Exam 

It’s a type of coverage that doesn’t require a clinical examination as a part of the underwriting process.

  • You need life insurance immediately and don’t want to delay

  • You simply want to avoid going through a physical exam

  • You can have coverage in force within days instead of weeks

  • The coverage can be anywhere from $50,000 up to as much as $500,000


What defines a high risk category? Four categories are regarded as high-risk. They include:

  • Illness: serious or terminal disease such as diabetes, cancer or a stroke

  • Activities: such as scuba diving, skydiving or racing cars

  • Professions: such as firefighters, miners, pilots, and underwater welders

  • Habits: cigarette smoking, cigars, or being overweight

Instant Quote

Sample Rates

By reviewing the sample life insurance rates by age, term and coverage, you can estimate quotes before applying.

We believe it’s a fair business practice to show all estimated rates without asking for your personal information. 

Sample Rates

Let Us Help You Find The Right Policy For You

 A broker represents the client, not the insurer. Don’t get trapped dealing with just one company.

Choosing The Right Broker Is The Key To The Best Policy

 Prices are fixed by law so why go elsewhere to find the lowest quote.

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Savings On Term Life Insurance
To Find The Best Quote

One might think choosing an insurance broker should be an effortless process. Select the one that offers you the lowest price, right? Well, that’s certainly not the case. Rather than submitting applications with eight different carriers, use a broker who has extensive knowledge in dealing with your distinct health condition to place you with the appropriate carrier with the highest chance for approval.

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