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Life Insurance with High Blood Pressure

When shopping for life insurance with high blood pressure you first need to understand how carriers deal with such individuals what do they look for? How can you prepare yourself? What is the probable outcome? Any time an individual applies for life insurance coverage; there are several elements that the underwriters will evaluation when making a decision as to whether or not the individual will be eligible for coverage.

Generally, even if you have high blood pressure, you will be able to get life insurance, but the rates may be higher than they would be for a person who does not have it. In some extreme circumstances, an insurer may possibly decline your application. For example, if an individual is a smoker, have high blood pressure combined with high cholesterol and overweight, or if a person is diagnosed with high blood pressure and it’s out of control.

What is High Blood Pressure

According to the Mayo Clinic, High blood pressure is a common condition in which the long-term force of the blood against your artery walls is high enough that it may eventually cause health problems, such as heart disease. You can have high blood pressure (hypertension) for years without any symptoms. Even without symptoms, damage to blood vessels and your heart continues and can be detected.

Uncontrolled high blood pressure increases your risk of serious health problems, including heart attack and stroke. High blood pressure generally develops over many years, and it affects nearly everyone eventually. Fortunately, high blood pressure can be easily detected. And once you know you have high blood pressure, you can work with your doctor to control it.

The Effect of High Blood Pressure on Premiums

Although many people might not believe that high blood pressure is a big deal when buying life insurance. It may actually result in some serious health problems. This is one reason why high blood pressure can result in higher premium rates for coverage. Carriers will raise premiums to account for the numerous risks that are caused by high blood pressure. Such risks are

  • A contributing factor in cardiovascular disease.
  • Considered to be an underlying cause in hardening of the arteries.
  • May have a negative impact on an individual’s blood circulation in the kidneys.
  • Over a period of time, the hardening of an individual’s blood vessels can also be a leading factor in the cause of stroke.

How High is too High

When buying life insurance with high blood pressure the underwriter will review your most recent blood pressure readings, as well as your history with the condition. There are certain blood pressure level readings that will determine what your risk class you would qualify for:

  • Preferred Plus. If your blood pressure levels are under 140/90 and you’re not on any prescription, you are not considered to have hypertension, therefore, you would be qualified for the lowest possible rates.
  • Preferred. You may be considered a preferred risk if your levels are under 140/90 managed by prescription, or 150/90 without prescription. This would entitle you to relatively lower rates than those in the regular risk-class.
  • Regular. This typically calls for levels that do not go over 150/90 managed by prescription. Readings might be higher for older age brackets.

The Underwriter Will Ask The Following

The carrier’s most important concern is making sure that your hypertension is under control. They will additionally review your last 3 blood pressure readings to get a good idea of your average reading. They will also ask the following:

  • At what age were you when you were initially diagnosed?
  • What, if any, medication do you take for your condition?
  • When were you initially prescribed this medication?
  • Do you have any other health issues?
  • What are your height and weight?
  • What lifestyle changes have you taken to control your condition? 

Life Insurance for High Blood Pressure Best Tips

There are necessary actions you could take to be prepared before applying for life insurance with high blood pressure. This can help you to get approved for the best rating class possible. Use the following suggestions:

  • See your physician as often as recommended.
  • Comply with your doctor’s recommendations concerning medication and therapy.
  • Ensure that your medical records data are current. This is vital! The life insurance company will place you in a different risk class if they are unable to determine your level of control.
  • A fast before the exam is a good idea. For this reason, we advise taking the exam first thing in the morning. I’d personally also avoid caffeine and tobacco since they can trigger a spike in your blood pressure.
  • Lifestyle changes are always welcome such as eating better, losing few pounds and exercising regularly.